Director at Large Candidate
Photo of Sean Siwa

Sean Siwa

Key Realty, LTD

Why do you want serve as Director: To give back to the industry that has shaped me as an individual. To help wherever it is needed most.

Years in the Business: 12

Type of License Held:  Salesperson

Served as a NOR Director in the Past:  Yes (2019-2021)

NOR Committee Participation:

NOR Presidents Sales Club Years—2017

Ohio Realtor Committee Participation:

Financial Oversight: I am well diversified in finance.  I sat on the finance board of a local non profit and understand the importance of a budget.

Government Affairs: As I try to stay out of politics as much as possible, I understand the importance of all government affairs.  Before making a decision, I try to always put myself in each person’s shoes as to who it will affect before executing a decision.

Communications:  I understand communicating quickly and too the point, but also understand the need for long debates if needed.

Strategic Planning:  I understand that the Board should always have goals set in place and a vision in which the Board members need to execute daily tasks to reach the Board’s goals, all the while, maintaining the Board’s mission statement.

Technology: I am very up to date on new apps, products and services that will help save time and money.  I’m also, unfortunately a millennial J

Real Estate Trends: I live and breath real estate.  I attend national conventions and network with real estate agents all over the country to not only understand what is working for them in their market, but how it can help me, my market and my company   I am always trying to figure out what is the next latest and greatest real estate trend.

Leadership Experience: I don’t feel myself as a leader; however, I do mentor and help roughly 10 agents who are all becoming very successful in their real estate business. I am not shy on showing new agents and experienced agent what has worked for me in the past.

Current and Past Community Involvement:  Current Board Member for: Northwest Ohio Realtors and The Open Door Ministries.  Volunteer Past/Present: CedarCreek Church, The Neighborhood Church, The Open Door Ministries, Food for Thought, Perrysburg Rotary and Toledo Rotary