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Shannon Roof

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Koehler Realty

Why do you want serve as Director: I am excited about the opportunity to be involved at a board level to act as a liaison between the HREA and NOR. My knowledge of the needs of HREA agents and our new office location in Maumee gives me a unique vantage point and understanding that I feel can benefit all parties.

Real Estate Trends: Being in the Sales Manager role it is imperative that I stay on top of new trends.  Agents consistently ask about how things are being handled and expectations that are being communicated by clients and agents.  Understanding and communicating these trends helps our office serve our clients better.

 Leadership Experience: One of my favorite projects has been to create a mentorship program for brand new licensees.  Our goal for new agents is to be well trained and confident in the services and advice they are offering clients.  Their training is a mix of shadowing experienced agents, technology/systems and online webinars.  We have seen great success from the agents who have participated and I love being a piece of their new career and the excitement they bring to the office.


Years in the Business: 6

Type of License Held:  Sales Manager

NOR Presidents Sales Club Years—2021

Financial Oversight: My experience in financial oversight includes analysis with our Broker/Owner regarding commission schedules, lead purchases and systems integrations.  In addition, I’ve frequently traveled for the company and organized conference packages while utilizing the company credit card.

Communications:  My current position is constant communication between agents, employees, vendors and clients.  As a licensed agent and sales manager, most of my job is communication on both a large scale and interpersonal.  Prior to being in real estate, I was in the marketing department for Horse Shows in the Sun, an international events company where we wrote press releases, provided customer service, made email campaigns and video communications for our audience.

Strategic Planning:  Our office underwent a brand change in November of 2020.  I was intimately involved with the strategic planning or this change.  We knew it was vital in how we involved the agents, communicated to the public and ultimately created a smooth transition during a pandemic.  The decision to make the change took over a year of analysis and preparation where the decision and the actual change happened within just 90 days.  I’m very thankful for the team of staff we had to make this happen!  In consideration of our decision, growth opportunity was top of mind.  We were able to negotiate an exclusive territory to allow our offer to open a branch office.

Technology: I am the company troubleshooter for everything systems and tech related.  I have an extensive knowledge of  Microsoft systems, operations systems and multiple third party programs.  One of the first projects I had while in the management role was to research and implement a paperless transaction management system for our office.  Part of this transition included training our agents on the new program and sorting out the day to day functionalities.

Current and Past Community Involvement:  Over the past 5 years I have been closely involved with all of our office’s local efforts as it is a portion of my job to assist in organizing our community activities.  We are always involved in the Cancer Patient Services Annual Chili Cook-Off where I have assisted in selling raffle tickets during the event each year and our office provides a basket for the raffle.  This will be our third year purchasing gifts for foster children during Christmas through a partnership with Keeping Kids Safe.  We are hoping to achiever over $3,000 from our sweepstakes on November 4th as a donation to Keeping Kids Safe as well.  Our Office Manger, an agent and myself teamed up with House of Color to make this possible.  We are tied in with Habitat for Humanity as well and with the help of our staff and agents we provide the hospitality for either the Raise the Wall Day or Dedication Day for each home in Hancock County.  I serve as our point of contact for this and attend whenever possible.  In addition, I frequently attend Chamber of Commerce events as well as other industry professionals’ events to support relationships with local professionals.  As a student (2011-2016), I volunteered at the Chatham County Humane Society and once I moved to Findlay I was a volunteer for Challenged Champion Therapeutic Riding.